About Us

Imagine that it is October 29,1929, and you have just opened the doors to your first grocery store and the bank calls to inform you that the stock you've used for collateral is worthless. So you drain your savings and find ways to survive. That's what Jim Wizer did 83 years ago when he opened Wizer's Fine Foods in Portland, Oregon. That store closed in 1947 and a new location was opened in Lake Oswego, Oregon in 1948. Wizer's relocated to a new facility in 1960 where it is currently located and remains family owned and operated serving fourth generation customers.

At Wizer's the emphasis has always been on customer service, quality, cleanliness and community involvement. The word fine in Wizer's Fine Foods equates not only to the best in gourmet foods and wine but also in produce, meat and groceries. Many of our customers are world travelers and request certain gourmet products after returning from their travels. So Wizer's responds to those requests by contacting vendors, attending national food shows and working through distributors. Thus, the gourmet and specialty food products from around the country and world grew into a major portion of the business as it is today.

The bountiful northwest crops of nuts, berries, fruits and seafood provide local entrepreneurs business opportunities to create outstanding Northwest specialty foods. Wizer's has been a forerunner in featuring these local products as well as affording the cottage industries a place to showcase their merchandise.

Just as the specialty foods business blossomed, the interest in fine wine followed suit. Gourmet foods demanded complementary wines and customers' tastes in wine were expanding. In creating a wine cellar, Wizer's brought in a knowledgeable staff and more upscale wines, which today number over 1,600 unique selections. Like the Northwest specialty products, the Oregon wine industry in the past 30 years has exploded adding to Wizer's diverse offerings of wine. Our vintage wine selection from the Northwest and around the world is unequaled in the state of Oregon.

With over 83 years of experience in business and wine knowledge, you can be confident that Wizer's will provide you, in the traditional sense, the quality and service you expect. While steeped in tradition, we remain committed to do things right the old fashioned way.