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Look at What We Found


We came across these noteworthy wines on our shelves that are not listed on our regular cellar list.  With only a few exceptions, we have less than 6 bottles available of each.  Take advantage now before they are gone.


AUST 2002 Barton Vale Shiraz "The Challenger" 44.95
CAL 2003 J.C. Cellars Syrah Caldwell Vineyards Napa 53.99
CAL 1996 Judds Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 59.95
CAL 2002 Richard Partridge Cabernet Sauvignon 59.95
CAL 2004 Rosenblum Syrah England Shaw Vnyd. 35.99
CAL 1998 Saddleback "Nils Venge" Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 89.95
GER 2013 Dr. Loosen Urziger Wurtzgarten Spatlese 29.99
ITA 1999 Barone Ricasoli Caselferro 59.99
ITA 2011 Bertani Amarone Villa Arvedi 59.99
ITA 2005 Marcarini Barolo Brunate 54.99
ITA 1993 Villa Cafaggio Cortaccio 65.99
SPN 2006 Mas Sinen Negre Priorat 34.99
SPN 2000 Scala Dei Cartoixa Riserva Priorat 39.99
WASH 2001 Soos Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 39.99