Some Wizer Wines


2010 Louis Martini Napa Cabernet Sauvignon  $25.99  $265 case

We received the ‘restaurant’ pricing on this one. Regularly $35.99. How nice of my supplier. Uncommon quality for a $25ish Napa Cab.


2012 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Single Vineyards  $54.95  $590 case

We have the Shea, Carter, Guadalupe and Canary Hill in case lots. 2012 was a great vintage and this is the guy who put single vineyard status on the map for Oregon.


2010 Shea Pinot Noir Estate  $39.95 $400 case

The name Shea says it all here. Dick Shea has about 35 Oregon wineries lined up yearly to buy fruit from him. His own bottling is pretty good too with his 2009 bottling finding its way into the Wine Spectators Top 10 wines of the year.


2013 Cameron Pinot Noir Abbey Ridge and Clos Electrique $68.95 $690 Case

An Oregon insiders wine if ever there was one. No need to submit to Spectator or Robert Parker, this stuff moves. Still have some of his 2010’s from both of these vineyards also.


2011 Mark Ryan Dead Horse  $52.95 $500 case

Charming name for a wine, eh?  All Red Mountain fruit with the primary grape here being Cabernet Sauvignon. You want big?  Here it is. 93-95 points Robert Parker


2011 Mark Ryan Long Haul $50.95 $480 case

Perhaps Washington’s answer to a St Emilion or Pomerol with Merlot being the alpha dog and then fleshed out with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot. Only 92-94 points from Parker.